How to Find True Love With the Inbound Marketing Methodology [Valentine’s Special]

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It’s Valentine’s Day again, and you’re still single. I know that, I feel that bro.. But what if I said this is gonna be the last year that you dine alone? ♥

To better understand how we can use the Inbound marketing methodology to find true love, we must first understand what it means. The old marketing system was based on cold calling and outbound marketing; email blasting, and business focus. Inbound marketing is all about the customer. We use content and offers that the customer really wants and needs, and make him fall in love with our company. By doing this we ensure that the leads collected are far more loyal and relevant to us.

The four fundamental pillars of the inbound marketing methodology are Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

inbound Marketing Methodology

Although it’s not included in the four pillars, planning is actually the first thing we do, as it plays a major role in each step throughout the way.

So before we start to reach audiences and convert, we plan. We define the perfect customer, and we build a persona of the customer. This includes defining what they like, what they do, where they hang out and what are their core problems are. We create a semi-fictional character with a name and an image and a life story.

♥ So – similar to business marketing, the first step in finding true love is to Plan. Who is your perfect soul mate? Think age, location, education, core problems, what they like, what they hate, what attracts them and where they are hanging out.

sample persona

Now that we have an understanding of the “Persona” we can start marketing.


Here, we attract the potential customers to our website/social channels and other assets we have. We’ll do this by creating attractive content on our website, publishing on social media, promoting ourselves in organic searches, and using paid ads to bring the right audience to our business.

♥ Now that we can attract the potential “customers”, we publish social posts that correspond to our persona, and then engage in topics we believe they will be interested in. We hang out where they hang out (in a non-stalkerish way) and try our best to stand out of the crowd, promoting stories they can interact with and find it interesting.


At this point we are probably going to have some traffic to our website or social profiles, and have some people interested in our product. Now it’s time to start fishing.


At this point we have some people getting to know us, so we need to convert them into Leads.

We’ll put some conversion points through the website, and “lock down” great offers with a form that captures audience’s personal details. We believe that “leads are the currency of inbound”, so we strive to make the conversion points as simple as possible, while constantly optimising and changing according to user behaviour.

♥ When talking love, it’s important to find the right place and time to ask for the phone number, the Facebook profile, or any form of direct contact. We use some opening lines, moves and tricks to get the contact info. Just like in business marketing, we “lock” great offers in exchange for a contact information. For example, you offer a drink or a nice game of foosball, and then make an offer while being very clear what your intentions are. If you’ve done a good job attracting and the offer is relevant, you will spark their interest and gain their contact information in exchange for the offer.


It’s the most important stage of the funnel. So important in fact, that most of the businesses we talk to saying that they are having trouble with closing deals, and ask how to make a good selling call.? Times have changed, and today with so much online information, the leads already know about your business and are ready to hear more about you and/or your products, and what they can solve. Try to understand the lead problems and concerns, listen more, and solve problems rather than just being pushy and “salesy”.

♥ The same rules apply for love; once you have the phone number, you can contact and try to set up a date. We would use some “selling” tactics and find the right place to meet up, and in most of cases they are already know the basics about you. So instead of going on about yourself, during the call make an effort to hear any problems and concerns, listen more, and don’t be too pushy and “salesy”.

Congratulations! You have a new customer – and you have a date!
So, what’s next?! Most marketers stop there, and then forget an important step in the way. Yet without it, you will never have an unstoppable marketing system.


Our customers are our most powerful influencers and promoters, and they can make or break us with one post. In order to stay loyal to customers (and your significant other) make sure you are making efforts to delight them, making sure everything is going great!
Whether it is through polls, random gifts or just caring check-ins, make sure to communicate with current customers as well as new ones, just to be sure that everything is going smoothly. This will ensure that your customers will continue to come back to buy more, and stay with you as you grow 🙂

♥ Good luck! And don’t forget to invite us to the wedding! ♥

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