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How National Lien and Bond Increased Their Organic Traffic by 340% and Became a Key Player in the Construction Lien Law Market in Six Months


National Lien and Bond (NLB) is a national lien provider that offers a full range of lien services to construction firms including customized project review, caseload management, and legislative updates. With an active claims value of over $600 million and over 1300 active cases, they operate on a national scale while providing customized service to each client via specialized case managers. NLB’s extensive team includes more than 150 law firms worldwide, successfully covering the U.S., Canada and Latin America via independent local counsel overseen by NLB’s General Counsel.

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Number of Leads per month


Organic traffic increased


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Reconfiguration of NLB Website to Target Key Buyer Personas

A key initial step in developing an inbound marketing system is the establishment of clear buyer personas. StepUp worked together with NLB to understand and segment customer types into identifiable personas. With this information, StepUp built a new website for NLB catering to the challenges and needs of these personas. The original homepage is seen below, with the new homepage following.

Original NLB homepage:


New homepage reconfigured by StepUp:

NLB - new site

The old website lacked clear messaging and was visually jarring. Keywords were not utilized prominently, leading to poor search engine ranking. The call to action was too specific, causing many new visitors to leave rather than engage further and convert to leads.

On the new website, StepUp put the brand positioning front and center, providing a clear message to all visitors. The new strategy was to position NLB as approachable and knowledgeable, and the site as informative and visually appealing, rather than pushy and sales-oriented. To this end, Resources and Case Studies pages were added and the Products page was removed. The calls to action were reconfigured to be more approachable, inviting visitors to “talk to a lien specialist.” Rigorous SEO was conducted and vital keywords were incorporated into authentic content in order to increase search engine ranking.

Increase Web Traffic With Long Tail Keywords and Authentic Content

After thorough research StepUp discovered that this niche market has high potential for long tail expressions and keywords. StepUp decided to invest efforts in authentic marketing and create blog posts that gave readers plenty of value. By positioning the NLB website as the authoritative source for information on mechanics lien and other aspects of construction law, web traffic from construction professionals was naturally driven to the NLB site through their google queries on complex professional issues. Also, with the intensive and continuous content creation, the website has reached to 1st page on Google for highly competitive keywords such as: “mechanic’s lien,” “preliminary notice,” “notice to owner” and more.

Increase Conversion Rates of Visits to Leads

Lead Magnets

StepUp recognized the importance of providing NLB’s potential customers with valuable, useful content that would position NLB as an industry expert. NLB already had valuable guides on lien deadlines in all 50 states and key Canadian provinces, but the information was not easily available online. To this end StepUp created over 50 lead magnets for each state and relevant Canadian province with the pertinent lien and notice deadlines, and offered them as free downloads after collecting basic information from each lead.

Lead Nurturing

Because lien laws differ in every state, the workflow for every potential client had to be specific and customized to his needs. In order for the prospects to engage with NLB, StepUp provided them with automated workflows and personalized content using Hubspot advanced features. This developed into dozens of sales opportunities and satisfied clients.

Email Campaign

NLB was founded in the 1970s and over time has developed a large database of existing and potential customers. StepUp used these existing lead lists as a starting point for thoughtful email marketing, to distribute the valuable content we published in the blog and to segment hot leads for further nurturing in the sales funnel.

Search Engine Ranking

Although the NLB domain,, is a veteran domain, it was left unnurtured for years and subsequently ranked poorly in Google when StepUp started to work with NLB (most keywords were ranked on the 6th or 7th page).

StepUp utilized both content and analytics experts to work not only on intensive content creation and lead nurturing, but also on several tactics vital to search engine optimization. StepUp conducted thorough keyword research based on analysis of the company’s ideal buyer personas. These keywords were then utilized together with content generation and website reconfiguration. The website underwent a complete overhaul to match the new brand persona and to achieve keyword optimization. StepUp also developed a mobile friendly version of the website.

Reports with Value

From the moment StepUp started working with NLB, it was vital that both sides of the team use the Hubspot report tool to understand how the new marketing initiatives affected sales within the company, and as a result the company’s bottom line. StepUp provided resources and training to the team at NLB so that they could begin to fully use the Hubspot CRM, creating a cohesive picture of the entire sales funnel. We also create regular reports and use the analytics tools to assess our strategy, conduct A/B testing, and communicate more effectively with the team at NLB.

  • Target Buyer Personas
  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords
  • Develop Lead Magnets
  • Ongoing Lead Nurturing
  • Dynamic Email Campaigns
  • SEO and Analytics

the results

All the above activity resulted in significant sales increase and significant company growth. Additionally, NLB has expressed their intent to continue expanding their inbound marketing activity because of the success of the strategy.

Organic Traffic Increased by 340%

StepUp’s ongoing emphasis on both rigorous analytics and valuable content is evident in the metrics. The steady increase across all categories (visits, contacts and customers) is evident in the charts below, and as a result the client’s goals have been met or surpassed.

Increase in general traffic:

Increase in contacts:

Generating 50 Leads per Month and Growing

The lead magnet campaign utilizing NLB’s  existing content on lien deadlines had great success:

  • Average conversion rate higher than 30%
  • Email open rate for new leads higher than 40%
  • Linkedin conversion rate higher than 40%

The content StepUp offered, and the segmentation of the content into state- and province-specific guides, was so valuable that potential customers were willing to register and leave their contact details just to gain access to it. Subsequently, many of them converted into sales opportunities through the automated email follow-up sequence.

First page of Google – Success in Ranking for Top Keywords

After StepUp started to work on the website, developing a new brand persona and mobile friendly version of the website, the domain started to climb rapidly in rankings and is now fighting its way up on the first page in Google for the most competitive keywords. This is also due to the intensive and continuous creation of valuable content, together with keyword research and SEO analysis. The website has reached the first page of Google for highly competitive keywords such as: “mechanic lien,” “notice of commencement,” “notice to owner” and more.



NLB has been so satisfied with the quality of leads, and with the conversion rates of leads to high quality sales opportunities, that they have begun to develop new sales programs in order to nurture the unique needs of larger clients with operations in multiple states. Because of the success of the strategy, StepUp is also working together with NLB to expand their inbound marketing activities by increasing the content output on their website and launching relevant PPC and social media campaigns.

If you would like to learn about how our unique inbound methodology and dual strategy of valuable content + analytics-driven growth can work for your company, please reach out to StepUp for a free consultation. We are here to grow your company into a key player in your market!

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