How to write a B2B blog post effectively? [Include a template]

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Blog posts aren’t just a convenient way for online communities to discuss niche topics. They’re a fundamental part of B2B marketing and one that too many people ignore because they don’t understand how to write a B2B blog post.

How to Write a B2B Blog – The Primary Challenges Holding Companies Back

B2B blog posts are a powerful tool for clearly and concisely explaining what your company has to offer. Unfortunately, a few major hurdles hold back most companies from writing them, or at least from writing them well.

  1. Knowing Your Customer – Understanding who the customer is and what their priorities are is essential to reaching out to them in a meaningful way.
  2. Choosing the Right Topic – There are many different elements of a business, product, or service that can be written about, but which one is the right way to go?
  3. Finding the Time to Write – Creating B2B blog posts takes time – time that might not be available in an already busy workload.

It’s essential to get each one of these points right. With a better understanding of the process and a little help from StepUp, you’ll be ready to face these challenges in no time.

Working Through the Steps to Build Your B2B Blog Post

Defining how to write a B2B blog post is like working through any other problem. It can be divided into key points and steps that can let anyone write an effective B2B blog post. This simple checklist will help you lay down the foundation for a stellar B2B blog post.

  1. The Ideal Customer Persona – To understand your customer base, you need to figure out specifically who that is. That means formulating the ideal customer persona (ICP) and using that foundation to define their wants, needs, and goals.
  2. Why Are Your Writing to the ICP? – To write and communicate clearly, you need to have a tangible goal in mind. What are you trying to say to the ICP? Are you trying to educate them, convince them, help them?
  3. What Problem Are You Tring to Solve? – Your potential clients are going to see things from their own perspective, and that means working from a problem towards a solution. Clearly defining what problem you can solve makes it easier for readers to understand.
  4. Solving That Problem – Now that you’ve defined the problem at hand, any potential customers facing that problem would like to know more. That’s why you need to then tell them what your company can do about it, about the effective solutions that you can provide.

Of course, a lot more goes into how to write a blog post than that. There are a lot of technical and structural considerations, like:

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating a compelling and dynamic structure
  • Including effective calls to action (CTAs)

While these finer points are less intuitive than the other points of how to write a B2B blog post, they’re typically less challenging once you know what you’re doing. StepUp’s Highlight Generator can certainly help you do quick work of this finetuning.

How StepUp Helps Your Company Develop Compelling Content

StepUp provides the essential tools and support that businesses need to implement effective B2B blog posts and content marketing. Our process starts with interviews within your organization, building up an understanding of what challenges your customers face and how you solve them.

The next step is the content ideation session. Through this 2-hour workshop, we define the ICP and work towards developing the effective content strategy that will speak to them. On this foundation, we build the compelling campaign ideas that your business needs for effective marketing.

Finally, we carry out a through keyword and SEO evaluation. We find relevant keywords within your industry and assess them based on search volume and relevance to your content. This also includes an in-depth look at who your top competitors are going to be for those keywords. From this information, we put together our Highlight Generator, which serves as an essential framework for developing content.

Your B2B blog posts are going to play a key role in your marketing efforts and growth. Following these simple steps and downloading StepUp’s blog highlight template will be more than enough to get you started writing compelling B2B blog posts today.



Daiana Rappoprt
Demand Generation Manager
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