March 24, 2017

5 Reasons To Use Hubspot As Your Marketing Platform

Are you still wondering why you should be using Hubspot for your marketing? It’s well known that inbound marketing has proven itself as the most effective option within the marketing world. Yet common hesitations to using inbound marketing can include concerns that too much work needs to go into it, and having to use many different software and/or applications at the same time.

Inbound marketing can be hard work, but that’s why it works. And with the help of Hubspot, it can become very simple and easy to track and act.


What is Hubspot?

In short, Hubspot helps you to maximize and simplify your inbound marketing efforts. It is a marketing platform, ranked as the best inbound marketing platform in the world, that serves over 10,000 companies in 65 different countries. The platform scoops up all of your current software, services, support systems, etc., and puts them all into one place, on one platform.

We’re confident that after just a short period of time using Hubspot as a platform, you’ll quickly see the added value it offers, and how it is contributing to your business growth. And while the platform comes at a price, let’s be honest; the use of several marketing applications at once can be JUST as pricey if not more. So instead of juggling several log-ins, software, and having to use four monitors at once just to keep track of it all – keep it simple, and put all of that money into one, easy-to-use platform. Hubspot.

Here are some reasons why Hubspot is the answer to your marketing needs:


#1. Centralized, All-in-One Toolset

How often do we find ourselves at work logging into many different software and tools, often having to pull up multiple screens, and jump from window to window to get work done? With Hubspot, it’s one password and one platform; everything you need to get your work done, all in one place.

Anything from your blog, email, landing pages, and forms is all kept and stored within Hubspot. There are even reporting options, and an SEO view, and a handy tool called Social Inbox that syncs your various social media accounts into one place.

That means that you don’t need to constantly be rotating from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, and so on; it can all be pulled into the Hubspot platform so that you can monitor, respond, and even schedule future posts all from one place.



More Hubspot Platform tools:
  • Website content management system
  • Blogging platform
  • Social Media platform
  • Analytics software
  • Email marketing platform
  • CRM
  • Landing page & Call To Action tools
  • Excel or Google Sheets


#2. Personalization Options

The personalization and attention to detail that goes into your inbound marketing strategy are truly what brings the value. Hubspot offers some mind-blowing personalization option in regards to this.

An example of this is Hubspot’s Smart Call to Actions (Smart CTAs) that can actually be built into your website with their Content Optimization System (COS). The entire system is built around website personalization, responsiveness, and the smart CTAs. Plus, with the use of the HubSpot software, everything is integrated into the platform – even your website!

With the use of Hubspot’s COS, you are able to craft and mold your website’s content for individual visitors based on things like location, language, source, device, or by literally any detail that’s stored in your contact database.

The feedback that you then get from the COS – which is labeled as HubSpot’s smart content insights – allows you to receive all of the information surrounding your website’s visitors, making personalization for your audience easier than ever before.


#3. Hubspot Automation

With only so many hours in the day, automating tasks and systems can not only be useful, it’s often quite necessary. Hubspot gets that; automation is their middle name.

Take Workflows for an example, their marketing automation app that can basically automate as much or as little of your marketing efforts as you desire, in a contextual and measurable manner. The best part is Workflows taps into Hubspot’s entire platform, allowing the creation of items like email lists to be built on literally any criteria – from persons to custom lead scores, etc.

It starts with setting the goal of whatever you want your automation to be. So take something simple like sending emails; from there you can choose to build in your contact properties, add them to a list, create and then label the emails. Hubspot can help you to schedule optimal timing while keeping the sales funnel in mind.
Or you may choose a ‘recipe’ that is listed within Workflows, which are automation that already exists, have been tested and proven to work in regards to lead nurturing and business growth. This simple option can speed up your automation process even further.

Other automation examples include:
  • Automating specific tasks
  • Updating contact properties
  • Automating emails sent to leads’ owners when a lead is sales qualified.


#4. Simple, Easy to Navigate the Platform

If you haven’t already noticed, Hubspot is all about simplifying your inbound marketing plan. So if it isn’t attractive enough just to know that all of your tools are in one place, how about also knowing that they are in one, easy to navigate software?

Let’s take a look at reporting, a task that a lot of people may dread or be intimidated by. Perhaps you don’t even know where to start when it comes to reporting. The HubSpot platform offers both free reporting, as well as event analysis. There are various reports on your contacts, companies, and attribution reports, or you can choose the route of letting Hubspot walk you through how to easily build your own customizable reports. 

Because inbound marketing is such a new, growing industry with tons of potential, there is the fact that you’ll be seeing constant improvements and additions to your platform. Hubspot does a fantastic job of consistently offering new, easy to use tools that are evolving to meet new demands within the industry, all while being mindful of keeping your life simple.


#5. Customer Relationship Management

CRM’s have pretty much become a ‘must have’ when it comes to your set of marketing tools. Guess what? With Hubspot, your CRM is free (and perhaps just this alone justifies the cost).

Of course, the CRM is located within that same platform and pulls from your contact information, helping to inform you on exactly how those leads are interacting with your content. As always, personalization is the name of the game, and the extreme personalization of your Hubspot CRM helps to ensure that you are staying relevant in the sales process.

The Hubspot CRM takes as much information as it’s able to piece together on a lead, and then presents it as a profile for your sales team to use for whatever they may need, from follow-ups and check-ins to pursuing hot leads.

More CRM Perks:
  • Integrates with the Hubspot database seamlessly
  • Timeline feature helps you to stay organized, track and manage details, organize your day.
  • Recording of phone calls/log emails

Last but not least, alongside the CRM tool comes the little brother – Hubspot Sales. HubSpot Sales comes in two versions – a free version, and a $50 option. This feature is similar to having a personal assistant that helps to manage your sales emails and makes sure you know your leads and potential buyers.

More Hubspot Sales Perks:
  • Insights from your email and your browser
  • Notification of when your email is read
  • Helps to schedule timely emails


The Wrap Up

To be honest, the list of what Hubspot has to offer as a marketing platform could go on for days; these are just a few of our favorites. At the end of the day, in order to both maximize and simplify your inbound marketing efforts, Hubspot is your one-stop shop. Make your marketing life easier, while continuing to grow your business and delight your customers.

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