Our top 5 tips for last minute trade show ROI

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Choosing to exhibit at or attend a trade show such as Biomed or Agritech Israel means you’re making a big investment in marketing. Just bringing your team in to walk the floor and meet people represents time and expense. Putting together a booth and bringing in your sales team is an even larger outlay in expense for your company. So as you prepare for the Agritech or Biomed trade show this month, consider these five tips for getting the best ROI. Download our guide to email follow up after a trade show.

#1 Know Your Target Buyer

Identifying and understanding your target buyer will help you prepare for the trade show. You’ll have the right literature on hand and your sales team will be prepared to answer their most pressing questions. Even if your business is in the early stages of gaining FDA or other regulatory approval, if you’re going to a trade show you need to start thinking about who you want to talk to and why they should be interested in you.

#2 Get Social With Your Customers

If you can find your target buyer online, connect with the socially and take the time to actually talk with them. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your product and the fact that you’re attending a big trade show, but it’s also a good forum where you can actually listen to your customer’s thoughts and concerns. LinkedIn is ideal for companies with a global focus, while Facebook can be effective for the local market here in Israel.

#3 Spread Information About the Show

When you’re attending a major trade show, you want to get the most mileage possible out of the event. A series of focused blog posts before a major show like Agritech or BioMed can help raise awareness among your customers of your attendance and bring in new customers looking for information. Similarly, during the show, you can share what you’re learning at the event on your website and social media. This is a great way to further engage with the audiences you’ve built and to remind your target customers that you are just an arms-reach away.

#4 Prepare Your Event Follow-up

If you’ve caught someone’s interest during the event and collected their information, then they’re expecting you to follow up with some additional information. Prepare these marketing materials beforehand so your sales team can tell customers what to expect. Catalogs of the products you offer, detailed specifications, or white papers about your products are great follow-up materials.

#5 Get Some Marketing Support

Especially when dealing with complex and regulated industries such as agtech, biotech and medtech, it’s vital to build a marketing system that addresses your unique needs, challenges and goals. Consider working with experts in complex marketing – you want a team that understands the challenges you face, the timeline driving your products, and the unique specifications of your product and market. The experienced marketing team at StepUp Media Group is here to help you build your agtech, biotech or medtech marketing system. Get a taste of the work we do by downloading our Best Follow-Up Email Templates for use after a trade show, and get a head start on planning your trade show follow-up for maximum ROI. Best Follow-up Email Templates  


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