What Do All Great LinkedIn Campaigns Share? 5 Secrets to Remember for Your Next Campaign

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Much has been published about the use of social media for marketing campaigns, but for certain businesses, particularly those who work in the B2B space, LinkedIn might just be the most powerful social network. Running a marketing campaign on LinkedIn is different from running one on Facebook or Instagram because you’re targeting professionals based on their work interests and trying to present yourself as a thought leader rather than an aspirational figure. While there’s a lot to learn about LinkedIn campaigns, here are just a handful of tips to remember as you get set up.

#1 Choose a Clear Goal

Before starting any advertising campaign, it’s important to choose a clear goal for the campaign. If you’re pursuing LinkedIn, are you looking to raise awareness of your company, drive new recruits, or reach out to potential leads? Once you have your goal clearly defined, it’s easier to create an effective campaign as well as use the different metrics LinkedIn provides to track your success.

#2 Choose the Right Types of Ads

There are many different ways to reach people on LinkedIn. If you’ve built a following, you can share content directly to their wall. You can also sponsor content and have it appear on people’s feed based on various demographics you can control. However, if you’re targeting people who aren’t frequently checking LinkedIn, you can also send InMail, which acts as a personal connection between you and the person you’re reaching out to and goes to their email inbox.

#3 Deliver a Strong Message

Copy that is short, direct, and helpful is the best way to get and hold someone’s attention. The right images are important on LinkedIn, like any social network. But unlike other networks, real, meaningful content is what makes professionals stop and look. Think about your audience and what they might need and then write articles or messages that help them answer some of their questions. Even in a business to business marketing scenario, people are searching for answers to help them work smarter, faster, or more efficiently.

#4 Measure and Compare

As you run your LinkedIn campaign, take the time to look at the information you’re getting from your metrics and adjust your material accordingly. See if there are certain demographics that are responding to your content, if people are searching for certain key terms, or run an A/B test to see which version of a headline gets the most clicks.

#5 Maximize Your ROI

Knowing what the goals of your campaign are, you can track your effort and advertising spend against success on those goals to determine which parts of your campaign are working. There are many clever uses of LinkedIn for brand awareness, recruiting, and lead generation, so take the time to find the strategies that work best for your organization.

Implementing a LinkedIn campaign requires planning, quality content, and deliberate execution. StepUp Marketing has experience helping businesses handling their social media and online marketing, not just in LinkedIn, but on a variety of other platforms. We craft each unique marketing campaign to fit the needs of our clients and use metrics to be sure we’re delivering value. Reach out today to set up a free consultation and learn what the StepUp Marketing team can do to help your business.


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