February 6, 2020

One Page Marketing Plan: If It’s Not Simple, It Simply Won’t Work

“Marketers with a documented strategy are 313% more likely to report success”

[Coschedule 2019]


Building and implementing a marketing plan is crucial for marketing success. If you want to achieve great results on a limited marketing budget, it requires structure, knowing your market, USP, and a versatile system in place to organize it all. After years of helping companies grow and build authority in their respective fields, we at StepUp have concluded – Simple is Better. Let us guide you through creating a simple and effective marketing plan that will help you crush it this year.

Marketing Plan vs Budget

Believe it or not, in almost every company there’s the feeling that the marketing budget is not enough. However, effective marketing isn’t about allocating large amounts of money. It’s about effectively handling your available resources. Even though bigger budgets offer marketers greater reach, it’s the focusing of marketing efforts that pay off. That’s why there are as many shining examples of smaller marketing budgets achieving incredible ROI, as there are large scale marketing efforts coming to naught.

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Key Components for Creating a Plan

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The key to long term marketing success for any business is to set forth an actionable marketing plan that includes S.M.A.R.T. goals. A structure for creating measurable and realistic goals, that can ultimately be tracked and adjusted as required.

Using a TemplateSimple plan

There is an overwhelming amount of marketing plan template options out there. So where should you start and how do you decide which is right for your business? After reviewing dozens of templates, we’ve come across Allan Dib’s “One Page Marketing Plan”, which presents a simple and structured methodology of what we believe is the perfect marketing plan. In this article, we emphasize how the plan works and why you should use it.

The “One Page Marketing Plan”

Setting forth an effective and simple marketing plan requires breaking down your marketing efforts into individual components of three main parts: preparation, going live, and aftersales. This will enable mapping out your marketing into actionable bits to be carried out, and set your marketing plan into motion.

The “Before” Phase 

Your Target Market

Defining your target market into a certain niche is the best place to start, and will influence all other aspects of your marketing plan. Focusing on a niche strengthens your position and increases your chances of building authority in your field.

Your Message

Most companies fail to craft a strong marketing message that stands out from the crowd. a great marketing message is about getting the attention of your audience and furthermore makes them respond and engage. The “1 Page Marketing Plan” walks you through how to craft a compelling message, how to get into your prospects coms=ciesness and position your business as the perfect solution.  

The Appropriate Media

Choosing the right vehicles to bring your message to the customer, is an important factor in achieving good marketing ROI. Firstly, targeting a market niche is a critical component to increase the effectiveness and decrease the costs of marketing. Secondly, monitoring customer acquisition cost and lifetime value, will help in managing resources effectively and adapt as required. Lastly, consider expanding beyond just social media; realize that your own website, blog, and mailing lists, could be your most significant marketing assets.

The “During” Phase 

Capturing Leads

The purpose of capturing leads isn’t to simply save their contact information, in hopes of booking a sale in the future. Its aim is providing them with ongoing value, building authority, and creating trust. Sales will come when they’re prepared to buy.

Nurturing Leads

Following up on your leads is the most important part of marketing. In doing so, consider many alternative ways instead of just emailing. For example, a simple telephone call and promotional packages sent by traditional post containing books and other marketing perks can greatly increase your chances of making a long-lasting impression.

Converting Leads

Lead conversion is where the rubber meets the road and is the result of all previous steps done correctly. To seal the deal, you want to build trust and prove your ability to solve their problem. The use of testimonials, case studies and guarantees are the building blocks for gaining the trust you seek. 

The “After” Phase 

Great Customer Experience

The greatest chance you’ll ever get to really impressing a customer is when you finally get to deliver your products and solutions. Providing a wowing experience in a systematic way, while helping them get the most value out of your cooperation, is how you foster a life-long customer relationship.

Customer Lifetime Value

One of the best ways of increasing your income is through your current customer base. And there are many ways to maximize the value gained from your existing clientele. Some notable ways to achieve this are raising product prices, upselling additional products or services, ascending from low cost or profitability to high cost/profitability products, increasing purchase frequency, and reactivating your past customers.


Similarly to income, your existing customer base is one of your best resources for attracting new business. Actions that can increase and accelerate referrals are simply asking satisfied customers for a referral, offering service discounts, gift vouchers, or other forms of incentives in exchange for referrals.

Making It All Happen

If you’ve come so far into our article, it means you either want to improve your existing marketing efforts or considering how to go about devising a successful marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. 

If you want us to help you create an effective marketing plan that works, or to review your existing strategy, we offer a free AUDIT to find the frictions that hold you back from growth.

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