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Why Engineers Should Be Involved in Sales and Marketing

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Industrial manufacturing companies typically address highly informed technical and business audiences. Due to the technical nature of their business, an engineer with in-depth knowledge of their products can contribute significantly both to the company’s marketing as well as sales efforts. Using an engineer’s perspective, a company will appear more trustworthy and effective when sales and marketing materials are based on solid technical foundations.

In this article, we’ll showcase the importance of involving an engineer in your marketing & sales processes. We’ll also present practical ways on how to utilize engineers to build trust and establish authority with your audience.

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How to Involve Engineers in Sales & Marketing

Content Creationengineer content creation

Technical content is very difficult to compose properly without a solid engineering background. Your audience – being technically versed – will spot errors, out of place information, and beating around the bush, in a heartbeat. These professionals tend to enjoy content that is concise, accurate, and to the point, which requires solid technical know-how.

That’s why for industrial manufacturing companies engaging in inbound marketing, should be involving their engineers in content creation. It is a proven effective way to deliver the type of specialized content required to build trust and resonate with your target audience. This will boost the effectiveness of all marketing materials, from blog posts and website content, to brochure ad copy.

Lead Qualification

Engineers can fully comprehend the technical aspects and details of your products and solutions. This means that they can reliably identify the characteristics of the companies for which your offerings could be a good fit. Engineers provide valuable insight, in setting the right parameters for lead identification and qualification.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Engineers are not strangers to being involved in company purchasing decisions. This same process transfers to your sales & marketing strategy. Engineers can help with laying down the specifications for potential sales prospects and identifying decision-makers. This way you can address the right people within the right companies, optimizing your marketing efforts and increasing sales leads.

Sales Managementsales and engineer

Once you are in advanced discussions with a lead, the challenge shifts from sales communication to finding the product and service that best fit their needs. Engineers have the technical know-how required to identify the needs of prospect customers, and propose the best solution. For this reason you may even consider turning engineers into sales representatives, providing bonuses for closing clients.

At StepUp we specialize in inbound marketing for industrial manufacturing companies,  always involving specialized engineers and technical writers for all our industrial content. Let’s discuss how we can help you establish trust and authority with your audience, increase sales and prospect conversions.

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